Tecnofeminismos para reescribir el mundo. (TO THE SPELL OF THIS CODE. Technofeminisms to rewrite the world.)

11.03 - 26.02.2022, at CASo - Centro de Arte Sonoro in Buenos Aires.

Exhibition participants: Abril Carissimo, Barbara Marcel, Candela del Valle, Cucu Trash, Electrobiota, Minga and Victoria Papagni. Curatorial team: Alma Laprida, Ana Mora, Jenny Maritza Ramírez Osorio, Maia Navas and Tania Puente.

The exhibition approaches technology from a feminist, decolonial and communitarian perspective. It is made up of a selection of works by artists from Argentina and Latin America that includes audiovisual pieces, installations, sound sculptures and an interactive virtual space.

“Al conjuro de este código” presents practices that subvert the uses of technological devices to deconstruct them, reterritorialize them and turn them into digital earth machines. It is conceived as a “pro-posición” (pro-position) rather than an “ex-posición” (ex-hibition), since it does not try to expose positions taken beforehand, but tries to encourage collective ways of thinking and acting on a diverse set of issues.

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