Vernissage: 25.05.2019, 7pm

Exhibition dates: 26.05 - 16.06, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays or by appointment.

The exhibition brought together works by Marina Camargo, Ana Hupe and Barbara Marcel, Brazilian artists living in Berlin. Their researches reflect on the gravitation of the idea of Centre, departing from Southern Hemisphere: relations of power elucidated in cartographies; extensive monocultures; colonial archives; and religious syncretisms in Brazil today. Manioc as a meeting point between Brazilian and African cultures in Europe is celebrated in a collective work with the participation of Senegambia, a West African food restaurant, located on the same street as Mario Kreuzberg Gallery's. The collaboration is shown in a video that documents an exchange of receipts made with manioc, cooked together in Senegambia's kitchen.

Cartography as a study of narratives of spaces and power relations permeates the works of Marina Camargo. Cartography expanded beyond its original function, being transformed into other visual narratives that question the objective data that forms the maps. The representation of the Southern Hemisphere appears in the erase action of a school map of Brazil that shows the regions of extractive exploitation and also in a sound work constructed from the political borders of South America.

Ana Hupe presented three works on the universe of Santería, Afro-Cuban religion with Yoruba origin. The guiding concept of the works is that of syncretism, which happens when the hidden creeds of two or more regions or religious traditions intermingle.

The port of Santarém (Pará-BR), dominated by the multinational Cargill since 2003, is the theme of the work 'BR 163 Cuiabá-Santarém' by Barbara Marcel. The packaging of products used in the processing of soybeans, upcycled into market bags in the market for manioc flour, are grouped together in one installation.

Mario Kreuzberg Gallery is a project space organized by Manuela Morales (Chile) and Santiago Mac Auliffe (Argentina) since 2015, at Reichenbergerstrasse 48 since July 2018, with focus on Latin-American Art.

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