2017, Hérens Valley and Standard/Deluxe Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland. Artistic residency and durational collective performance.

After 10 days of retreat in the Hérens Valley, Switzerland, the founders of the Unknown University occupied Standard/Deluxe the 25th and 26th of August 2017. The space was open from 1 to 10 pm without interruption. The program, unknown until it happened, was based on the following values:
    • anonymity is a powerful tool
    • the transformation of the individual body affects the social body
    • studying is more important than producing
    • intellectual property is a fiction
    • to create is to study, to study is to play
    • there are no divisions between teachers and students, these roles are always interchangeable
    • vulnerability is a rewarding place

The Unknown University is a multilingual and interdisciplinary project of study, creation and individual and collective transformation. It takes its name from the idea of the Chilean poet Roberto Bolaño who affirmed that there existed in the formation of each writer an "unknown university guiding his steps and which, obviously, has no fixed place, it is a mobile university that is common to all ". The Universidad is a homeless research center that happens every time members summon it.

Curator: Valentina D'Avenia

Participants: Tom Nóbrega, João Meirelles, Jonas Van, Germano Dushá, Barbara Marcel, Mazyar Zarnadar, Léa Katharina Meier

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