2016, Athens. Video, color, audio, approx. 45 min Full HD format.

THE EVER-GARDEN EFFECT is a project initiated by Barbara Marcel in collaboration with the Greek Artist Collective Campus Novel as part of the OMONOIA Athens Biennial during the summer of 2016. Based on the Biennial´s proposal for the development of synergetic art works, the intention of the project was to reframe the idea of the urban garden through a particular focus on the National Gardens of Athens and its possible differences with other green spaces in the city, such as community gardens and private balconies.

Taking the garden as a historical and botanical open air Archive, a five-day workshop organized by the artists sought first to reflect on the institutional character of the National garden as a typical scenario of the modern european state and its current landmark status for the urbanization history of the city. At a second stage, the field research tried to observe other gardening instances in Athens reflecting on the various uses and functions of contemporary urban gardens. The 12 workshop participants were asked to work on script exercises, texts and performances which resulted in a large processual assemblage in form of a film. Participants: Christina Axioti, Alexis Fidetzis, Matthias Fritsch, Nicolas Juge Pampanos, Katerina Kotsala, Maria Papapostolou, Sofia Touboura, Athina Zachou and Érica Zíngano.

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