Video installation, two channels, color, audio, 5 min, Full HD Format.

The Mangrove project comes of a research about the origin of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the formation of its urban space in constant dialogue with the natural, geographic and social elements. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, large urban reforms have transformed the city with the arrival of the automobile, sanitary reforms, the shift of the industrial area to the periphery, the expansion of the railway sand increasing of the population as a consequence of this process, large areas previously occupied by the sea and mangrove, had to be grounded for the opening of avenues, while the poorest population of the city was removed from the center, giving rise to the formation of slums. Today the process of modifying the urban space continue to move people and interfere in the natural geography of Rio in favor of an increasingly global and dynamic city. “The weight of the Mangrove" proposes a study of the possible weights of a city and its conflicting elements in the public space.

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