2021. Book organized by Michelle Sommer and Lívia Flores with the participation of Aline Besouro, André Leal, Barbara Marcel, Andreas Doepke and Tom Nóbrega, Cecilia Cavalieri, Denilson Baniwa, Diambe da Silva, Flora Dias, Ismar Tirelli Neto, Juliana Fausto, Luiza Baldan, Mabe Bethônico, Mayra Martins Redin, Micaela Cyrino, Raquel Versieux and Sandra Benites

Rocks are inert elements produced deep in the earth's crust, a product of the deep time of geology. When they emerge, they are transformed by human action and converted into the materials that are the basis of our society. How can we access the stories that are deposited in the mineral layers on which we walk every day? How can we tell the stories inscribed in the stones, in certain places, in the paths we trace? These are some of the themes and questions that guided the presentations by Mabe Bethônico, Claudia M. Plens, Flora Dias, Barbara Marcel and Tom Nóbrega at the 3rd Seminar on art and city research_DESILHA 2021: MINERAL LANDSCAPES, revising and displacing these mineral landscapes in different ways, making visible the subterranean layers that compose the present. Now, the essay “canário azul: 5 fragmentos” (blue canary: 5 fragments), by Barbara Marcel, Andreas Doepke and Tom Nóbrega is part of the publication resulting from the seminar.

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