2019-21, Chile. Video, color, sound, approx. 90min.

Following the work of environmentalists and communicators involved in social movements in the city of Concepción, the video portrays the role of women in the uprising that took to the streets of Santiago and all the cities of Chile between October and December 2019. HUMO SOBRE LOS HUMEDALES takes as a starting point the defense of local wetland ecosystems called Humedales – interconnected hydrological systems with a transitional morphology between land and water –, and shows how environmental struggles are indissociated from social mobilizations for basic rights such as access to clean water. The video depicts transmissions by a local Community Radio and the Latin American Ecofeminist debates during the Carpa de las Mujeres in Santiago, a meeting parallel to the Climate Conference 25 in Madrid 2019. Narrated with the artist's voice off in the tone of a travel diary, the film contrasts the individual gaze and the many voices of the crowd clamoring for a new national constitution.

The video was produced in Laguna Grande de San Pedro, Concepción and Santiago de Chile between November 18 and December 17, 2019. The project is the result of the Artistic Residence ARTIVISM, initiated by the Goethe Institute Chile and Galeria Metropolitana in Santiago. Supported by Kummer-Vanotti Stiftung.

Film credits

Radio Humedales:
Paloma Bello
Carla Duran
Alejandra Fuentes
Pierina Pondanelli
Paula Sepulveda
Katherina Venegas
Jo Varela - activist at the Red Humedales Bio Bio and furniture maker
Luisa Valenzuela – La Guardiana, Red Humedales Bio Bio
Eve Soto - Red Humedales Bio Bio
Marcha Internacional por el Día de la No Violencia contra la Mujer en Concepción, 25.11.2019

Production, Camera, Editing
Barbara Marcel

Audio Excerpts
Radio Humedales
Podcast Cacerola Informativa #DespertamosdelSchock
Episodes: 30.10 / 03.12 / 06.12.2019

“Contra Todo”, iLe (Almadura, 2019)
“Las Golondrinas”, Evelyn Cornejo (La Chusma Inconsciente, 2017)
“Octubre 19”, Indomitamorfosis (2019)

Supported by Goethe Chile, Galeria Metropolitana, Kummer-Vanotti Stiftung.

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