as part of the exhibition “More Planets Less Pain - Constellations of artistic research”

06.03.2022 – 01.05.2022, Kunsthalle Erfurt
06.03.2022 - 22.05.2022, ACC Weimar

Opening: 05.03.2022 | 16:00 Kunsthalle Erfurt | 19:00 ACC Galerie Weimar

Collective exhibition. Artists and initiators: Francis Hunger, Edith Kollath, Lukas Kretschmer, Jeanne Lefin, María Linares, Barbara Marcel, Emanuel Mathias, Grit Ruhland, Markus Schlaffke, Katja Marie Voigt. Curator: Anne Brannys

What does art know? How does it find it out? And how does it pass on its knowledge? These questions are raised in the field of artistic research, and they arise in the exhibition project "More Planets Less Pain. Constellations of Artistic Research". All of the positions presented here were developed in the doctoral program at the Bauhaus University Weimar and deal with pressing questions of the present, using both scientific and artistic methods and modes of expression. For the first time since the program's founding in 2008, projects by Weimar's doctoral and post-doctoral artists are presented collectively in an exhibition.

The question of what artistic research is and what can be achieved with it is discussed in the exhibition in many different ways. For this art is not for art alone, it takes its questions from life-worldliness and science and radiates back there in the best case. Not infrequently, the interweaving of theory and practice and also of ethical questions, politics and aesthetics results in a tangle that wants to be untangled without losing the thread and the attitude.

To face these questions, to argue about them is not always easy; because we live in a complex reality and are confronted with the - often surprising - results of a very young discipline. And in all this, the sensual experience should not be neglected!

The desire to look, to think and to discuss is the reason for this exhibition. It offers the individual positions a lot of space to unfold and the visitors the possibility to dive into the spanned universes or to follow the floating particles that buzz between the fixed stars. Each position is associated with permeable floating boxes that present contextualizing materials such as working tools, literature, associations, will-o'-the-wisps, linked works, as well as theoretical works by the artists, allowing visitors to gain more comprehensive insights.

Finally, when we have experienced the visual and experiential worlds of the researching artists and have productively lost our way in the thicket of thoughts in their works with the shared moment of knowledge as our goal, we are challenged to find our own attitude: Sensuality or intellect? Ivory tower or everyday happenings? Activism or aesthetics? High air or heavy seas? More planets or less pain? Or for a change, all of the above, please?

Link to the exhibition in Erfurt.

Link to the exhibition in Weimar.

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