2017, Berlin. Collective project and performance by and with Érica Zíngano, Marion Breton, Barbara Marcel and Tom Nóbrega. Co-produced by and performed at Literaturhaus Lettrétage Berlin as a part of CON_TEXT event series, funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

»The day before yesterday. We mourn. The XXI century died, but we keep preparing its funeral. Look at your hands, both hands. On the one hand you have the story of apocalypse. As any story about time, of course it will end in a big climax, bing bang, bow wow wow. Of course the main character of this adventure is God, standing on the shoulders of their army of encrypted angels. On the other hand, there is the flipped version of this story: this one we could call revolution. A revolution reincarnated as a hairy goddess. S/he’s everywhere, everywhere feels as near as nowhere. Immanent in our messy backpacks, roaring in our inner jungles. This version changes the speed of the trains and cars and airplanes through which we perceive the world. Choose a word and hit the road. Mystery. Chaos. Smoke. Animals. Magic. Light another match. This is an ongoing story. It comes in a box delivered by DHL. The sun is the third sign on the road. A long road. On the tip of your fingers.«

The project is a collective study around the revolutionary potential of death experience and the idea of overcoming it. Loosely based on Vladimir Mayakovsky’s ‘Mystery-Bouffe‘ and the futuristic opera ‘Victory over the Sun‘, the performance is a free adaptation of both from the queer and migrant perspectives, with cross-references to the Russian Cosmism, Brazilian tropicalism, radical feminism and queer theory.

Music and sound by Katrina Burch aka Yoneda Lemma.
With support by Sam Langer, Bruno Siegrist and Lotto Thiessen. Technical support: Jure Kapun.
Documentation Photos by Ferid A. Barak/Lettrétage.

Video Documentation:

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